Universal Declaration Of Human Rights In Eliezer Wiesel's Night

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The Universal Declaration of Human Rights was established to protect fundamental laws, liberty, and pursuit of contentment. Yet after it was imprinted into life, power lust and war craving societies still violates the document that holds the existence of every individual. A memoir Night written by Eliezer Wiesel proves this accusation by elucidating the Jew’s hardship at the concentration camps of 1944-1945. German’s violating, millions suffering, the novel defends that the superior race (Adolf Hitler’s supporters) corrupted articles two, four, and nine of the proclamation. As the Holocaust came to its near end, torture for those in Sighet, Transylvania begins. On page twenty, cruelty stirs up for the Jewish town after ghettos were set up. “A Jew no longer had the right to keep in his house gold, jewels, or any objects of value.” “There was a new decree: every Jew had to wear a yellow star.” In the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, every fellow citizen has privileges that cannot be taken away due to race, color, sex, or language. Since their status was considered inferior, their rights were taken away before they knew that the Germans were going to wipe out their population. Under these quotes recited from the text, article two can be matched with the book’s description of discrimination. According…show more content…
An article was soon violated when Chlomo Wiesel announced, “I have terrible news. Deportation.” After the announcement from Eliezer’s father, Hungarian polices started shouting, “All Jews outside! Hurry! The time’s come now…You’ve got to leave all this…” After forced from their homes, they were sent to experience brutality at Auschwitz/Birkenau, Buna, Gleiwitz, and Buchenwald. Once the Germans omitted the inferiors from their safe haven, the superiors destroyed articles nine: freedom from containment and
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