Universal Connection Case Study

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I. Universal Connections The following quote exhibits profound elements of a universal truth due to utmost nature of friendships in countless individuals’ lives. From the early moments humans entered the unknown public world, friendship fosters as an early aspect that unites people under common interests and pathways; people such as relatives, parents, neighbors, and classmates orchestrate a closer bond with each other, which, nearly instantaneously, associates emotions, attitude, and other psychological elements into a friendship. Comprehending that essentially all humans generate a cordial bond with others, American philosopher Mortimer J. Adler highlights an unorthodox perspective to a companionship, an aspect people generally view beneficial…show more content…
Sometimes, when two sides of a friendship fail to compromise in terms of doing this or that, a friendship can foster a troublesome crash when anger prospers. When such friendship breaks, both sides typically develop a melancholy feeling; therefore, from the sorrow, an individual can encounter unpredictable emotion swifts as a result of sudden initiations of psychological disorders. In turn, such psychological mishap consumes the minds and daily life of that individual to the point where aspects such as school become irrelevant. Undoubtedly, the aforementioned scenario is idealistic and presents a specific case study incorrectly applied to the general type of situation. Nonetheless, a more pragmatic case involves the lack of such friendships. With technology dominating numerous young adults’ lives, friendships become unnecessary for these target victims because, as Mortimer J. Adler’s statement asserts, friendships are arduous to cultivate. In the minds of these specific people, they conjecture that maintaining friendships in the real world are too difficult to pursue, and, thus, upholding no friends is the best alternative. Unfortunately, this situation substantially afflicts these victims at their schools where they wander about aimlessly and converse with utterly no one. As a result, some individuals, at their breaking points, refuse to attend school due to its desolate atmosphere. With this particular situation fostering at an alarming rate, it utterly exhibits how friendship is a profound sacrifice worth the consequences; upholding at least one friendship widens an individual’s perspective of the endless world and injects that person in the public society. Undoubtedly, some friendships devour all of one’s resources, and others may overwhelm one side to a crashing point; in cases such as these, it is wise to ponder over the other dimension where isolation cultivates torture and
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