Universal Health Care Essay

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The United States is one of the most powerful countries on the planet. The leader in democracy, sheer economic power, and military might. However, the United States is behind in one major issue: Health Care for it 's citizens. The United States is one of the only developed nations to not offer universal health care (Fisher). Without Universal health care there are people who fall into a trapped inside of a 'death spiral ', where the individual cannot receive health care because they cannot afford it, but they cannot afford it because they are too ill to find gainful employment.(Hussey, p. 295). Around 45,000 people a year die simply because they are uninsured and cannot afford to visit a doctor.(Wilper). This is an unacceptably large …show more content…

When health care is privatized, it limits the people who can truly receive health care, and it creates a larger strain on the system. Because America has the "All patients deserve the most basic of care" rule, patients, particularly those without insurance, will visit the emergency room to receive care for problems that aren 't considered 'emergency ' issues. The number varies between 9% and 54%, depending on the report (Lega), and these individuals are tying up valuable resources in an already over-burdened medical care system. The Commonwealth Fund article, 'Overburdened and Overwhelmed: The Struggles of Communities with High Medical Cost Burdens ' by author Peter Cunningham, it 's noted that the more uninsured individuals in a community, the higher the burden on the government and hospital. (Cunningham). It 's a well documented fact that hospitals already have a very difficult time dealing with the uninsured burdening their hospitals for issues that could be treated by a primary care physician. There is an idea that a hospital is a place you can go to get quick treatment for literally any thing nice and quick.(Nelson) And since you don 't have to pay immediately or have to have patient records like a primary physician that can refuse a patient if they do not pay, hospitals seem more palatable for

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