Universal Health Care Research Paper

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One of the many topics that have been talked about is whether health care should go universal in the US. Should people be given free medical care that's payed for by the government or should private insurances stay? The answer is yes and here is why. What is health care? It's basically medical services like doctors, nurses, and even dentists. Anyone who has a job to help people who need medical attention. The problem is if the government should provide it like it does with other services including law enforcement and public schooling. Universal health care would allow anyone to receive medical attention even if they can't afford it because of their income or other inabilities. The United States is the the only developed nation that doesn't…show more content…
No one shouldn't receive care because they can't afford it. If someone in need of help but they can't pay the medical bill, do they not receive the same treatment as someone who can? Just because someone is financially insecure doesn't mean they don't deserve any less. Now, Universal health care isn't free. One of the issues health care has cost. The government maybe paying the bills but the government gets the money it needs to keep things in public working well is through taxes. An argument that can be made is that people who work to pay for their health insurance would also be paying for someone else's. Also, Universal health care would cause wait time to see a specialist. In 2013, the average wait time to see a doctor in Canada (They have Universal Health care) was 8.6 weeks while the US private insurance took 18.5 days. Universal health care might also cause a doctor shortage. A 2012 study by British National Health Service found that they were " critically short of doctors and nurses". And the UK had 2.71 practicing doctors for every 1,000 patients. Another possibility is that people might over use the system. They could abuse the service and get seen by a specialist even if they don't need it. Which could cause an overflow of
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