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Universal Healthcare Insurance; America’s Choice Today it is a common debate amongst Americans on Universal Healthcare. Universal Healthcare is also referred to as Universal Healthcare Coverage, or, Universal Healthcare Insurance. Universal Healthcare Insurance is a system which provides healthcare and financial protection to all citizens of a particular country. It is believe that Universal Healthcare Insurance will hurt the American economy. Universal Healthcare Insurance will be good for the American economy because there will be a one payer source system, we can get rid of insurance claims submission, high deductibles, claim approval, denials, and providers will be able to make a more concrete diagnosis. Having a one payer source system…show more content…
This mother works hard to make a living for her family, yet still finds it hard to make ends meet. This mother has to pay insurance for her and her 3 children at $1,000.00 dollars a month for her premium, plus her fluctuating copayments at each doctor or hospital visit on top of having to meet a $5,000.00 deductible for the insurance company to pay a hundred percent of anything. With all of that this single mother has a 20 percent co insurance which is the out of pocket expense that she has to meet each visit. Now take this very same example with a single payer source, the government. This mother can still work and make a decent living for her and her children and her healthcare will be paid for. Moreover, when looking at the example of the multi payer healthcare system, this does not make for a constructed healthcare system for Americans. This example clearly is saying that it leaves Americans not having a free choice as to where they can go for good healthcare treatment of their choice and a guarantee that their healthcare will not be affected. Evidence shows that single payers are good for…show more content…
One proposal is to have the American citizens on a higher tax bracket to help pay for the Universal Healthcare Insurance for all to benefit from. This would be better than trying to meet a high deductible to actually get coverage. John Goodman from Forbes suggests, “If we took all existing health insurance subsidies (including subsidies for employer coverage) and replaced them with a universal tax credit, I believe the amount would be close to $2,500 per adult and $8,000 for a family of four. Since this is roughly what it costs to enroll people in Medicaid, those amounts would buy Medicaid-like insurance. But if people wanted more or better Insurance (including Health Savings Account plans) they could add their own money or an employer’s money – so long as they used after-tax funds” (Goodman, 2015). This brings out a good point. Business large or small would still be able to help employees with their medical expenses by contributing to programs such as Health Savings Accounts, Health Reimbursement Accounts without repercussion. These programs are already under the IRS guidelines (IRS, 2014). We can make Universal Healthcare work for the American

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