Cultural Diversity And Human Rights Essay

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1. Cultural debates after 'cultural diversity and universal human rights'

1. human rights in East Asia
East Asia is the only region without human rights mechanism.
1. complex political background: Colonial, the expansion of imperialism
2. lacks factors for building human rights consensus
3. ASEAN Declaration pushes a little forward with a declaration, but cannot fully recognize the transcend sense of human rights responsibility for the sake of sovereignty. Even if the content of the declaration has a continuity of the UDHR
4. I use the state responsibility to indicate that state should do for the international human rights morally as well as obligations within the international human rights law.
5. => Human rights in East Asia didn’t take
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There is an interpretation why East Asia delayed the construction of human rights.
7. The essential characteristic of authoritarian in Confucianism, social hierarchy, and familial ethics, hurdles the implementation of human
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There form debated relations between cultural diversities and universal human rights. Among the relations, there have two dimensions of discussions. One is considered that Cultural differences challenge to the universality of human rights. Hence, the universal human rights should search for cultural cognition. Otherwise, universal human rights cannot gain cultural legitimacy. Along with this tune, there is dangerous that human rights violations may be justified by cultural values. The other is that Cultural differences can enrich the universality of human rights. The commitment of the universal nature of human rights has been recognized. However, for the need of localizing the international human rights norms, there still need some sources that can justify the universal human rights from the bottom-up perspective.
Cultural diversities has been bound to the implementation of human rights.
1. Cultural relativism with specific assumption rejects the universal demand of human rights
2. Universalists, also, worry about the human rights feasibility in a different culture.
3. Cultural complexity is hard to clarify. Political manipulation of culture controls cultural interpretation. Which part of cultural interpretation is incompatible with human rights, or is the hurdle still not clear?
4. What we have to deal with is that some source of moral principles can support human rights

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