Universal Refugee Research Paper

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The Universal Refugee Some people believe that Universal Refugees are different people that deal with different hassles. However, that is not true. The Universal Refugees understand each other and deal with the same struggles such as immigration, hardship and assimilation. When entering a new country, refugees most likely will deal with hardship from just entering the country to actually living in it. Most of the hardship will come from racism from other citizens of that country. Refugees will also have to find their way of assimilating to that country to seem “normal” to others. Refugees leave their country for many reasons; to escape war, or to help their family. There is always a reason why refugees immigrate to another country. For example, from the book Inside Out & Back Again says, “After two weeks at sea the commander calls all of us above deck for a formal lowering of our yellow flag with three red stripes. South Vietnam no longer exists” (LAI 91). Ha and her family emigrate from Vietnam to the U.S…show more content…
For example, in the book, Inside Out & Back Again, it states, “We live on rice, soy sauce, canned corn. Today our cowboy brings a paper bucket of chicken, skin crispy and golden, smelling of perfection” (LAI 119). When Ha and her family move to the U.S, she accustoms to American cuisine. In addition, in the article, A Home Lost, A Home Found: Some Syrian refugees find way to Chicago, it states, “I remember going through the same things myself,” said Akhras Sahloul, recalling when she moved at age 10 to the United States. “I didn’t know how to play baseball or what normal American kids did”(Chicago Tribune 3). In the article it runs through the stories of what some Syrian refugees went through before coming to the U.S and how some refugees adapted to American culture, like Akhras
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