Universal Screening Assessment

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1. What are the four components of RTI? 1. Universal screening: Screening assessment administered to all students in the class. 2. Tier 1: Class- or school-wide interventions 3. Tier 2: Targeted interventions 4. Tier 3: Intensive, individualized interventions 2. The two types of assessment used in RTI are universal screening and progress monitoring. Describe the purpose of each of these two types of assessment. 1. Universal Screening: All students are assessed using a universal screening to identify students exhibiting learning difficulties. Typically, the students’ who scored fall below the 25% are considered to be placed in a Tier 1 to begin an immediate intervention. Frequency of the screening, selection of the screening measure, criteria…show more content…
Progress Monitoring: All students may be assessed through progress monitoring to determine whether or not the students are making academic/behavior progress towards their goal, on a regular basis to provide useful feedback about performance to both learners and instructors. 3. You are concerned about how you will complete the universal screening measure with all of your students and about how you will incorporate progress monitoring into your weekly lesson plan. To prepare for this task, complete the table below. Note: Some of the items (marked by *) have been selected by the S-Team and cannot be changed. For these items, use the information that was provided in the Module. Complete the remaining items with information that will best work with your schedule. Assessment Questions to Consider for Planning Ms. Hayes’s Plan Universal Screening How often will the universal screening be administered (frequency)? When? * What universal screening measure is my school using? * What is the selection criterion? * What day (week/ month) will I begin the administration of the universal screening measure? Note: must be completed by the end of September When during the day will I schedule the screening? The end of each reading group How much time will I set aside each day for the screening? 10

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