Universal Technical Institute Case Study

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Derek Bok said “If you think education is expensive-try ignorance.” The Universal Technical Institute located in many different areas is known for a mechanic school and will teach me new thing about a man field. UTI, the Universal Technical Institute is located in a lot of places like Phoenix, Sacramento, Dallas and many more. For the Universal Technical Institute (UTI) has many different price including dorms. There are three different types of dorms, apartment style, shared style, and private shared style. Without roommates students have to pay the entire cost for a dorm for 12 months. The apartment style comes with either one bedroom which cost 675$ up to 900$, two bedrooms that cost 915$ up to 1150$ or three bedrooms that cost 1390$ up to 1545$ but none of the apartments come with furniture. The apartment payments will cost more than both shared and private dorms. A group of students can either share a private shared dorm or a normal shared dorm. Every student that share the dorm will each pay each month that have three different room options, basic, moderate and premium. The cost of the three options cost up to 509$ to 719$, both private and shared dorms have 2 to 3 bedrooms that are grouped with 4 or 5 students. These styles are not like the apartment style, these styles come with a basic…show more content…
Prepare, Search, Match and Apply are the four steps to applying to the Universal Technical Institute (UTI). Preparing is the first step which means to students will gather information even the smallest information about themselves. The second step is searching for any scholarship opportunity to help. The third step is matching the perfect scholarship that best fits them. The fourth and final step is applying to the Universal Technical Institute (UTI). Students have to follow the application process carefully to ensure a successful
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