Universal Vacation Research Paper

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On this vacation I went to the beach, Universal Studios, and Disney world. We drove to Daytona and stayed in a little house/ village. It was my mom, my dad, Cate, Gavin, and I. I was in a car for 12 hours, not fun. We went on this vacation because we needed to get away for a while, is what my parents said anyways. We needed to have fun too. We went to the beach first then, we went to Universal, then Disney World.

The car ride was the worst part of this vacation, I got to sit in the front most of the time because of my car sickness. We all pretty much slept the whole way except for my dad, he had to drive. We stopped in Atlanta to spend the night there then we went to Florida. The next day we went to the Waffle House for breakfast. They cook it right out in front of you. I didn 't have waffles.

When we got to our little cottage on the beach, we got our luggage and brought it into the house, after we looked around and got a snack we went out to the beach. We didn 't change into our swimming suits, our beach day was tomorrow. We just walked on the beach as a family. There was a lot of Jellyfish on the beach, my sister did not like them. After we watched the sunset we went to bed. There was only one bed so my mom and I had to sleep on the pull out bed.
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Gavin and I went to the beach to look around, there was a pool too, not just the ocean. We went back to see if we could change into our suits and go to the beach, my mom said not yet because she had to go get some sunscreen. We got a body board for the ocean and that is what I was doing most of the time. While my mom went to the store my brother and I tried to make a sand castle but it failed so we stopped. Once my mom got back we changed and got in the ocean. My brother hanged in the pool because he was scared that there would be a shark. At first I stayed close but then out
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