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In order to answer these two questions, my research has led me to define university education not just as a course study undertaken and completed at a university, but also a form of experience whereby there is accumulation of knowledge. Knowledge is becoming the most important thing in today’s world. I believe that the useful skills and living experience we learn through a healthy university education opens up our minds for self-discovery and also emotional growth.
It is in a university that one, chooses to follow a professional path that will define their future and will completely change their mindset. Take for example a university graduate in trauma surgery; this graduate has been trained to utilize both operative and non-operative management
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Studying at the university, we find many new friends connected with our future profession. It is possible that some of them will be directors of big corporations or take management positions in government. From this point of view, today’s friends from the university may become future partners or the people who can help in solving some problems. That is why we have heard of instances whereby graduates who were classmates started a business together because during their university life a relationship was fostered. Other graduates end up using the connections or relationship they created to get jobs, it might be a guest speaker who gave a lecture, an employer whose child you shared a class with or even your neighbor at the school hostel who started their own company and employees you.
I also believe that in the university we get to realize our strengths and weaknesses that will either assist us in the future or lead to our down fall. This form of emotional growth allows us to achieve a form of maturity and independence. Being in university means that whatever choice you make, it is yours alone and you will be the one to bear the consequences (Doumbia, Emotional Growth, 2013). No one will tell you what to do or what not to do. Independence is a very important factor in the labour
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