University Students In Malaysia Case Study

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University students represent the future contributors to any country’s economy. While there are many precedent studies investigating the entrepreneurial intention of existing entrepreneurs, empirical studies on entrepreneurial activity amongst university students are inadequate, particularly in Malaysia. Many universities have introduced entrepreneurship education to promote the interest of under graduates to becoming future entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs play a key role in economic growth and the job creation of our own country. Entrepreneurial education has been argued as an effective way to promote and bolster the interest of entrepreneurship among university students in Malaysia. Exposures to this knowledge may instil positive attitudes towards…show more content…
Some questions are frequently posed: What are the factors that inspire entrepreneurship activities among university students in Northern Region of Malaysia? What kinds of students are most likely to become entrepreneurs? What are your career expectations for the time directly after your studies? This study investigates the tendency towards entrepreneurship among university students in Malaysia. Specifically, it aims to examine the relationship between the desire for having your own business and family business background on university students in Malaysia and their activities of entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurship can helping people to get self-employed. With regard to Northern Region university graduates in Malaysia, this study that they have strong entrepreneurial awareness and desire.
The purpose of this paper is to investigate the study of the activities of entrepreneur among university student of Northern Region in Malaysia, namely the family business background, Entrepreneur education, and the interest on business. Initially, we describe the concept of student entrepreneurship related to education systems, education and the interes that lead student to the entrepreneurial
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Student also will be more experience on business from family business that lead them to become entrepreneur. Birley and Westhead (1995) observed that habitual entrepreneurs more often than first-time entrepreneurs came from entrepreneur families. This may also partly explain why habitual entrepreneurs often are relatively young when becoming entrepreneurs (see e.g. Birley& Westhead 1995; Wagner 2002; Westhead & Wright 1998b). Family that has the background of family business will initiate students by guiding them to organize a new business venture and share experience in the business doing. People of Northern Region in Malaysia with a family business background are more likely to feel they have the skills to start a business, are more likely to see opportunities for creating one, and are less likely to fear
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