Persuasive Speech On Antigone

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Dearest citizens of Thebes, I stand before you today in the trial of Antigone, an innocent Princess who followed her heart in protecting the future of the morals and beliefs of your own city. Antigone clearly is a woman of great integrity, strength and intelligence, just like her royal ancestors that have led our city in the past. Antigone’s so-called “crime” was nothing but a selfless and moral act of compassion for her brother, and something that we as citizens must do, according to the Gods. Therefore, Antigone, a Princess of Thebes, should not be tried for these unjust charges because her act was indeed out of great love for her family, obedience to the law sent from the gods, and an act against the unjust rulings of the city’s hierarchy.…show more content…
Burying the dead is something that Antigone felt strongly about and thought that all people should have the right to after they leave us. Do we not all believe that burying the dead is a religious belief that we all share for what is morally right? Clearly, people of Thebes, if you do not share in this belief that burying the dead is a part of our moral beliefs, then clearly you also do not believe in new life after we pass over. Before Antigone died she spoke, “But I will bury him; and if I must die,/I say that this crime is holy: I shall lie down/With him in death, and I shall be as dear/To him as he to me” (816). This statement spoken by Antigone not only shows her loyalty to her brother and to her family, and despite the consequences, but none of that matters if it is right and it is holy. Therefore, Antigone’s motive for what she did was in true loyalty and compassion for her brother and

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