Unjust Protest

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Michael Kosina
Professor Davis
Philosphy 1000C
Midterm Essay Protesting an unjust law is a courageous act. When protesting an unjust law there are three main directions that a person or group can take. The first path is the one that Socrates takes which is by voicing his opinion and using persuasion but yet following the unjust laws and being civilly obedient. The next possibility is by actively protesting through the use of nonviolent resistance. This form of protest was used by Martin Luther King Jr. The last form of protest that will be discussed is Malcolm X’s idea. Malcolm X’s idea of protesting was extreme and very different from both Socrates and Martin Luther King Jr. He believed that using violence and using violent
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Socrates thinks persuasion is more effective because it shows the best human character. Persuasion shows that you have the most respect for the law and also respect for human dignity. The reasons it shows the most respect for human dignity and for law is explained below. Physical force uses superiority but reasoning is something we exclusively do with other human beings rather than treating them as less than human. By using words and reason we treat them as another human being and with the respect humans deserve. Reason is exclusively human activity and that is why it shows respect. The next reason that Socrates uses to back up persuasion is that persuasion is holding to your promise (contract with country) and sticking to your word through persuading but still following the law. Why is it just to obey the law even if unjust? Obeying the law preserves the possibility or hope for justice. The last reason that Socrates uses to back up persuasion is that reason promotes education. Education is important because the more people are educated the more people will be able to make better judgments. Better judgment will lead to no unjust laws because people will be educated and understand what is right and what is wrong. Persuasion uses reason and it shows why a law is unjust. Changing someone’s mind or thought leads to a longer lasting change rather than just temporarily changing minds to stop the
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