Unjustice In Liliana Heker's The Stolen Party

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Have you been put in a situation where you’re facing some sort of injustice? The way an individual reacts to unjust circumstances reveals the person’s personality. In the short story, “The Stolen Party”, a nine- year old girl named Rosaura has been asked to attend a party. Rosaura goes anyways despite her mother’s negative opinion. In the end, Rosaura’s illusion about being equal to everyone else is shattered; after coming face to face with Senora Ines, she realizes that she was only there to help. Through Rosaura’s unjust situations, Liliana Heker demonstrates that different individuals react differently to injustice: aggressively, being protectively, and passively. Initially, Rosaura retaliates againstto injustice with her aggressive behaviour when she argues with her mother and during the party. Her actions demonstrates that she can’t control her rage. For example during her conversation with the girl with the bow, Rosaura got very agitated and decided to kick the girl in the shin. But sometimes Rosaura responds with a rude verbal response. For…show more content…
For example she hands the girl with the bow the smallest piece of cake, and shortly after the story stated that she loved having power over life or death. Rosaura exhibits aggressive behaviour but she doesn’t respond this way for all the situations. However, Rosaura responds to injustice with a passive attitude when confronted by Senora Ines. The way she responds in this situation demonstrates that she is still young and afraid. For example when Senora Ines hands her the money for the party, she stood there in shock and retreats back to her mother and presses herself against her. Clearly, However, she reacts with insecurity. For example she would never dare say that she was the daughter of the maid, or proud of being an employee’s daughter. Rosaura has now displayed two different types of way individuals responds to
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