Unjustified Use Of Force Essay

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Essay Justified/Unjustified Use of Force Ferguson Case The death of Michael Brown at the hands of an armed law enforcement officer Darren Wilson with Michael being unarmed in the whole case presents an opportunity for the analysts and students to understand and study the use of force. There are different schools of thought in this case whether this was a justified use of force by the police officer or not, but all of this needs to be set aside when the verdict of grand jury comes in the favor of the police officer. Different eye witnesses had different opinions and statements on the real scenario which made the case more complicated. One could talk about various aspects related to this case as of why did this happen but the reality seems to…show more content…
Now in a normal scenario, an officer is not supposed to open fire until he is imposed by an immediate threat usually when the opponent is armed. Evidence showed that they were indulged in a hand to hand encounter when Michael tried to reach Wilson within the car (unjustified use of force) where 2 shots were fired with hitting the thumb of Michael. Evidently, Michael did not obey what the officer commanded and tried to ignore but still using force (gun) does not seem to be the solution and is not justified in my view. I agree that the person being chased stole some cigarillos but shooting him for not abiding by the provided command and assaulting with an officer is not justified. According to the law (Section 565.082-565.083) assaulting with an on-duty officer with intention of causing physical harm with bare hands and no deadly weapon and not on drugs is a class C felony which punishes the perpetrator for 7 years in jail but not ‘shoot on
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