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For the unknown phase two project, I was assigned unknown number one. After many tests, I came to the conclusion that my unknown was Acinetobacter baumannii. It had cultural characteristics of yellow or clear colony pigmentation, smooth and translucent surface, circular form, smooth margin, and flat elevation. The unknown’s broth properties included a ring, turbidity, and sediment. The unknown bacteria was then tested on multiple selective and differential media. Growth was present on the MacConkey Agar and the colonies were the same color as the plate, which told me my bacteria was gram negative and did not ferment lactose. There was no growth on the Mannitol Salt Agar, and this told me the unknown was not salt tolerant and did not…show more content…
The first test was Orthonitrophenylgalactophyranoside (ONPG), which tests for lactose fermentation, and my result was colorless so it was negative. Next was Arginine Dihydrolase (ADH), and my result was yellow/orange so it was negative. My results for Lysine Decarboxylase (LDC) were yellow/orange, which told me my unknown was negative. The Ornitine Decarboxylase (ODC) results were yellow so it, too, was negative. My Citrate (CIT) result was turquoise so that meant the test was positive, and the Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) had no black precipitate so it was negative. The Urea (URE) and Tryptophane Deaminase (TDA) results were both an orange color, which meant they were both negative. For Indole (IND), my result was yellow so it was negative. My result was colorless for the Voges Proskauer (VP) test so it was negative. The Gelatin (GEL) test result had no diffusion of pigment so that showed it was negative. The Glucose (GLU) result was yellow so it was positive, and the Mannitol (MAN) result was blue-green so it was negative. The Inositol (INO), Sorbitol (SOR), Rhamnose (RHA), and Sucrose (SAC) test results were all blue-green so they were all negative, as well as the Amygdalin (AMY) test. The Melibiose (MEL), Arabinose ARA, nitrate reduction, and catalase tests were all positive, and the oxidase test was

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