Unknown Microbiology Essay

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Being able to identify unknown microbes from systematic testing is what makes the field of microbiology so important, especially in infectious disease control. Using the testing procedure laid out by the microbiology field we are able to identify unknown bacteria present in our everyday lives, and along the way learn a lot about their characteristics that separate them from other types of bacteria. Being able to do this is vital in order for us to understand why microbes are present in certain places, how they are able to grow and what restricts their growth, that way they can be combatted if necessary. These techniques for determining unknowns are also important for isolating and testing infectious disease microbes in order to prevent spreading. Another important aspect of being able to identify unknown microbes is the…show more content…
It is necessary to understand what each test reveals about the unknown. Citrate tests are performed in order to distinguish between different enteric bacteria by seeing which can use citrate as the sole carbon source. MR/VP are tests that are used to distinguish between different types of fermentation either mixed acid or butanediol and test for the production of acetoin. H2S production is used to determine whether or not the bacteria can produce hydrogen sulfide. Mannitol high salt testing is done in order to determine if the bacteria is salt tolerant and can ferment mannitol. Catalase activity test establishes whether the bacterium produces the enzyme catalase. The eosin methylene blue test or EMB, inhibits the growth of gram positive bacteria and tests whether or not gram negative bacteria can ferment lactose. Lactose fermentation testing is done to see if the bacterium is capable of fermenting sugar by testing for acid and gas production. These are the possible tests that are needed in order to identify unknown

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