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In this day in age women are demanding respect from men more than ever before. As a result, they appear to be getting what they’ve been asking for. But what happens to that respect when “role models” like Camila Cabello, Katy Perry, and Taylor Swift exist? “Role Models” who are constantly creating inappropriate music and music videos? The modern music industry is an issue that surprisingly, women have yet to tackle.

Many people believe music artists like Taylor Swift, Ariana Grande, and Katy Perry to be “empowering, inspirational women”. Though not surprising, all of their music doesn’t stray very far from the imitative and unimaginative themes of love, making bad decisions, and heartbreak.
“Making bad decisions, acknowledging it, and neglecting
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An adequate example of this is Fifth Harmony’s Work From Home music video, which features very short shorts, and dirty dancing in a way that is as far from the movie Dirty Dancing as possible. Another brilliant representation would be Katy Perry’s hit album Teenage Dream, where you see Perry lying naked on a cloud with only a few wisps of it covering her bum. In the modern music industry, being a young female artist that is nearly one hundred percent naked is not an uncommon ordeal. Which once again puts forward the fact that these are the women young girls would like to be when they grow up. These are the women that supposedly feel “empowered” and are “empowering” women all over the…show more content…
When questioned why they are like this, these women and their fans are quick to respond with the fact that they are simply comfortable in their own skin and would like to encourage their fans to feel the same. But does comfortable in your own skin really mean nudity? No, of course it doesn’t. What comfortable in your own skin truly means is being able to express yourself wholeheartedly in many ways without feeling somehow sinful. Whether it is through art, speech, personality, or your daily interactions with other people. You shouldn’t feel as if you have to be half nude in order to be
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