Unmarked Woman Analysis

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In many cases, women need to pay more attention to their public image than men. When most women go out, they will check whether their clothing has any flaws. And they usually spend several times than men before they leave because they need to prepare and slick up for a long time. Figure 1 shows the photo of the cast of Disney’s Big Hero 6. In this picture, male stars ' clothing is very similar, such as a black suit, black tie, and black shoes. The only difference maybe is that some people wear the bow tie and others wear the necktie. However, the female stars’ clothing is very obvious in the cast. One woman wore a low-cut white dress. Another woman wore a black chiffon dress. Two women 's beautiful bodies are looming, they both have exquisite makeup and wear a lot of jewelry.…show more content…
It also expresses that compared with men, women need to concern more about their image like the scene of small meeting in Tannen’s article. In Tannen’s article which named “there is no unmarked woman,” she joined in a small meeting. In this small conference, she found that women who have decent clothes, makeup and hairstyles to avoid the bias, unlike men chose to be unmarked. “All eight men wore brown or blue slacks and nondescript shirts of light colors”(Tannen, 1993). Therefore, women need to spend a lot of time decide their stylizes before they go outside on comparison with
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