Unmasking Masculinity In The Creed Movie

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The Creed by Ryan Coogler is a movie about a person who want to find his memories through the death of his father. His name is Donnie. The film is mostly a story of Donnie on the way become a champion of World Heavyweight by the support of Rocky; who was his father friend and rival. Ryan created a Donnie character who is a strongest boy with wonderful dream and overcome challenges. However, it relates to a speech on Tedtalk by McKelley about “Unmasking Masculinity”. McKelley would reflect on Creed in a few ways: he would see Donnie trying to express masculinity while lacking family support through the trauma of his father’s death. Inclosing Rocky – his “new” father, Donnie risks losing his connection to masculinity entirely. First, masculinity in some cases is significant for some people but it will not detail what the real person is about. On the other hand, for instantly, Donnie was suffering from the pain of his father death when he was too young. Because of that trauma, he turns out to be a tough man, sensitive and very independence. But, when with his lover, he becomes weaker and just like a normal boy. McKelley would state Donnie’s problem is one kind of lost connection, clearly in the relationship with his mother because of the unmasking masculinity. Furthermore, in the Creed movie by Ryan Coogler, there is a part about…show more content…
It is the boy’s lost connection to socialize by masculinity. However, Is lost connection by masculinity bad or good? McKelley would say it will have both side advantages. For the bad, in some points, Donnie will be stressful and overload. Further, he will lead his family into misunderstand and the risk of losing his mother. On the other hand, the good is Donnie will success on his dream, be stronger and overcome his challenges. At the end, Donnie will recover from the trauma of his father death and open his mind to other

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