Unmasking Racial Microaggressions

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Microaggressions are insults, indignities and denigrating messages sent to people of color by other people who are unaware of the hidden messages as stated in "Unmasking racial microaggressions" by Tori DeAngelis. Microaggressions are complicated, because of how both the victim or perpetrator cannot understand the situation if it is an insult or compliment that becomes toxic for people of color. People ask like "Where are you from? What is the best ramen noodle? Etc." maybe because of curiosity or the person is ignorant of the question or compliment and the hidden message behind. If an individual will acknowledge a person 's race some might be insulted because of the hidden message behind it, which is "you don 't belong here." If an individual will not acknowledge a person 's race some…show more content…
Harry Stein, a contributing editor to city Journal defined microaggression as "It is to exaggerate the meaning of such encounters in the interest of perpetually seeing oneself as a victim." The victim exaggerates the situation the person asking or giving a compliment becomes the victim because of the disciplinary actions having to face. People should not be punished for not knowing the hidden message of their action, and the limit knowledge of their victim 's background. They are known as ignorant people while people who know the hidden message of their action but still commit to doing because they are curious and want to learn. Racial microaggression is invisible, people tend to make it visible through exaggeration. Because of how the victim exaggerates a situation it evolves into a language of expression for them. The victims are going to take advantage of this power if they are in a situation they feel insulted (microaggression). Dr. Derald Wing Sue, Ph. D. quote "Not because they see themselves as the victim, but empowered them by giving them a language of expression."Although, people who ask a stupid question even though they have an idea of the answer. They should be
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