Unocumented Citizens

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Argumentative Essay Do you know what the government will do to an undocumented resident, without a fixed immigration law? Out of all the 42 million immigrants in the U.S, 27% are undocumented. That’s about 11 million people. From these 11 million people, 8 million are in the work force. They came out of hiding and are trying to provide for their family the way a legal resident does. These undocumented resident should get a path to citizenship. If they do get a path to citizenship then these undocumented resident can help improve our economy, their families will be torn apart, and it will cost to much to deport all of them. One important reason that undocumented residents should have a path to citizenships is that they can improve the…show more content…
According to Senator Charles E. Schumer, Upfront Magazine, 2016,”...force our government to extend precious resources to deport millions.”What Senator Schumer is saying here is that the government will be wasting money and resources to deport eleven million people. Resources that could help the undocumented residents have an education, create a home, and help start a new life with their loved ones. Of course, some might argue that we will waste more resources with them being here. But this argument is false. The key point is that it will cost to much to deport them. Sure we might lose some money, but it is nothing compared to what we will lose deporting all of the undocumented residents. We need to pay the people who have to find the residents. Then pay for the buildings that will hold them, also pay for the food and water that they need. Last but not least, pay for the transportation they have to ride to get to their home. If they stay here the payments will go to a home, food, water, and an education and that’s basically it. They will then find a job and then pay for things on their
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