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We usually consider the people that have cluttered desks or the messed up workspace as unorganised people. This is quite true that they can be considered to keep unmanaged desk or workplace, but they are often too successful in their work. The majority of the people is brought up in an ideology where being messy is next to being dirty. Most of us believe that if we are keeping our workplace messy or unorganised we will not be able to perform well. Thus, it becomes a practice for the people to keep their workplace or desk organised to deliver better results.
There are various studies that are carried out to establish that those people who have messy desk are found to be more productive than others. In this article we will focus on the points
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They are quite close to the urgent issues that may be left untouched in the organised workplace. The study conducted by a Kathleen Vohs from the University of Minnesota at Carlson School of Management suggests that a cluttered environment helps in increasing creativity. She said the "The creative people feel free from the limitations in the messy and disorderly environments. It helps them to break the traditions and producing new insights. On the opposite the orderly environments resemble the safe and conventional zones that allow routine and safe…show more content…
His desk was full of papers and other articles, but there is no one to challenge him in the field of science. He was managing the things in his own way which seems the people to be messy, but he was able to find everything he needed near him easily. Similarly, Mark Twain was one of the people who were known to have messy but productive desks. His desk was full of books and papers so if you are putting a lot of papers or books around you. Don’t get

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