Unparalleled Profession Of Teaching Essay

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Unparalleled Profession of Teaching
“A good teacher can inspire hope ignite the imagination, and instill a love of learning.” (Brad Henry Quote) The basic role of a teacher is to help students gain knowledge, skills, and values. Ultimately, teaching affects every profession in our country. Teachers help to build our nation through the knowledge and opportunities they give to children, who then continue their education in order to pursue the career of their choice. It is an exciting field because teaching children can be like an artist getting ready to create. The teacher is like the artist and the student’s are like the blank canvas and when they both work together, resulting in a great creation. The expectations of teachers, the training and
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Many students were always a great source of joy in her teaching. Seeing the excitement on the faces of some students when they really understood something or when they were proud of themselves for a job well done always brought joy to her. Other moments of joy were on field trips when she could really get to know her students outside the classroom setting, as well as the personal connections she was able to make especially with students who struggled in school but blossomed on these field trips. Some advice for teachers just starting out would be to stay positive and remember why you chose education. It is helpful to remember that when things get frustrating or difficult, God may be using you to influence the life of a child and that God needs you there to do His work. My mom always tried to keep a good balance between school and home. If she had an excessive amount of work to do for school, she would try to stay a little extra time at school, so she did not have to bring the work home, especially after she had children. My mom worked very hard at school during her planning period and lunch to complete most of her work at

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