Unplanned Pregnancy Should Be Taught In Schools Essay

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One night, David and his girlfriend Bria shared an intimate encounter that was not done correctly. The couple decided to not use a condom, and Bria was not on birth control. In other words, it is a strong possibility that she and David could conceive a child due to unprotected sex, knowing that neither one of them is ready to be parents. At every college or university there are unexpected pregnancies. To prevent this from happening ,students should practice safe sex, abstinence, or take the Plan B one step pill. They should protect themselves!

To begin, unplanned pregnancies can be prevented if the participants decide to practice safe sex. It is a decision that should be made before deciding to have sex. A couple should discuss the many ways you can practice safe sex. Condoms, birth control, cervical caps, and spermicides are all different types of contraceptives that help prevent unplanned pregnancies. Safe sex has become more popular over the years because of clinics, commercials, and schools. For example, Alabama A&M University gives away free condoms at the Wellness Center Clinic to help prevent early unwanted pregnancies. Also, by going to a local pharmacy to get birth control, it has a 99.9% effective rate to prevent conception. There is no excuse to not plan to protect yourself to avoid having
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Abstinence is the practice of restraining oneself from indulging in something. In this case, it would be sexual intercourse. The best way to avoid an unplanned pregnancy is to not have sex at all. Generally speaking, you 're more in control of your life when you abstain from sex. For instance, you will not have to worry about being a parent or having an unexpected pregnancy if you are not sexually active. Restraining from sex can be challenging, it is not easy, it can be done. Abstinence from sex will always lead to overcoming unplanned or unwanted

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