Unproductive Working Relationships Essay

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Differences that may become sources of unproductive working relationships include variations in sociocultural and economic background, current lifestyle, primary language spoken, skin color, gender, power, status, intervention orientation, and on and on. Many individuals (students, parents, staff) who have been treated unfairly, discriminated against, or deprived of opportunity and status at school, on the job, and in society use whatever means they can to seek redress and sometimes to strike back. Such individuals may promote conflict in hopes of correcting long-standing power imbalances or to call attention to other problems. And even when this is not so and even when there are no other serious barriers initially, common dynamics arise as…show more content…
Children with Down’s syndrome do learn to walk, talk and be toilet trained, but in general will meet these developmental milestones later than their ordinary peers and find it difficult to form relationships. o ADHD/ADD: Children with attention deficit and/or hyperactivity face many difficulties as they grow up. As infants, those later diagnosed with ADHD are often described to have been excitable, irritable, colicky, or inconsolable. Often they are very physically active, easily distracted, and can be extremely sensitive to sights, sounds and touch, which can make traditional soothing methods seem ineffective. o Hearing impairment: Hearing is a critical part of language development, communication and learning. If hearing loss occurs from birth then it is more serious, but if identified early enough and detected early enough it isn’t quite as serious. So how does hearing impairment affect development? It delays development of receptive and expressive communication skills; it causes learning problems that result in reduced academic achievement; communication problems can lead to being socially isolated or having poor self-esteem, self-worth, or have an impact on vocational

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