Unprofessional Reflection

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Working in the field the author as witnessed a number of unprofessional conduct, ranging from the hospitals, to the ambulance services, the author would like to think she has seen it all. In one particular instance, the author was booked on shift with an emergency service provider. As one of the author’s first call for the day we responded to a 5year old boy that fell from a height and sustained a concussion. After loading the patient on route to the hospital the patient’s Glasgow coma scale (GCS) dropped to from 14/15 to 12/15 and the patient became very sleepy, the author decided to give oxygen asking help from the on-duty practitioner to connect the oxygen mask top the oxygen supply, however, the practitioner was unable to connect the oxygen tubing to the mask and even struggled to connect the tubing to the oxygen supply. Also during this time the practitioner was sweating profusely and slightly got frantic when the patient’s GCS dropped. On our way back the author noticed a distinct alcohol smell coming from the practitioner. Still shaken up the practitioner admitted to having a heavy and late night and was extremely hungover. Luckily the patient was safely transported and delivered to the hospital and ‘luckily’ the patient’s mother did not notice. With this said, the purpose of this shift reflection is to discuss unprofessional conduct, explain the most common forms of unprofessional conduct and what can be done about it. Furthermore alcohol abuse among all emergency
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