Tiresias Poem

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This myth is juxtaposed with the imagery of Unreal City. The foggy unreal city hosts inhabitants who pursue a death-in-life existence without communicating with each other and are hardly distinguished from the corpses in the cemeteries. Unreal City portrays the modern metropolitian city involving commercialism, machinery and homosexuality but excluding spirituality as stated: Unreal City Under the brown fog of a winter noon Mr. Eugenides, the Smyrna merchant Unshaven, with a pocket full of currants C.i.f. London: documents at sight, Asked me in demotic French To luncheon at the Cannon Street Hotel Followed by a weekend at the Metropole. (11-12) The urban wasteland is delineated with the fog of factories, machinery and international…show more content…
Tiresias who has “sat by Thebes below the wall” links the modern and classical worlds. Thus it is comprehended that the chaotic present is transmitted with the traditions of the past and the disorder of the poem is formed in modern setting with mythological characters. Although he is a mere spectator and probably the most important personage in the poem, he is incapable to take an action and invisible to the characters of the poem. Tiresias narrates the pessimistic view of the modern society from the first person. Apart from that, the line “As a silk hat on a Bradford millionaire” refers to a Yorkshire wool town where industries served the armed forces in terms of manufacturing uniforms and blankets during the First World War and gained profit from wartime (Hall chp.6). The town was a textile center for industries, but nevertheless it was notorious for pollution and epidemic. Henceforth, the poem goes on with sexual affair between the typist and the carbuncular. Their affair is devoid of love, affection and emotion, but lust, force, violence and boredom. It results in betrayal and break-up. The typist never pines after her lover and behaves in an indifferent way. The abandonment highly suits to the lonely modern
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