Unrealistic Beauty Stereotypes

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The judgement of what is considered beautiful and what is not has been standardized by the media. The media has attained so much power over the years to the point where whatever the media has come up with, no matter how ridiculous it is, becomes a new set of targets for the people to achieve. Girls and women who reads fashion magazine presented with images of slender female models representing beauty itself where they look absolutely flawless. Boys and men who read fashion magazines will either be presented with stereotypical, masculine male models with perfectly toned body or fashion forward models who are again, beautifully dressed with sharp features and slender bodies. Movies starring godlike beauties and male actress who are chiselled. Now, although it is good to have an ideal where one is aiming for but not…show more content…
There are no ends to what people would do to obtain beauty. Countless models fainted during runway shows and magazine shoots due to their very limiting and strict diet. Some of these girls are borderline anorexic because they are unable to attain the beauty standards media has tasked them to achieve. The public knows it, they have heard of the story but what it usually leads to is praising towards the models for their commitment instead of backlashing the unrealistic beauty stereotypes created to fail people’s health. Actresses such like Anne Hathaway had to lose drastic amount of weight in order to get a role in “The Devil Wears Prada”. Interview has shown that Anne Hathaway and her colleagues who were playing roles of glamorous girls from the fashion industry, would be in tears due to hunger. The public, when the movie came out has only mentioned how beautiful Hathaway looked in the slender figure without any wonder of struggles the actress had to go through. Proves the point that as long as beauty is obtained, struggles and health

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