Unrealistic Standard Of Beauty Essay

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Imagine young adults watching the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. People may begin to wonder why they don’t have the slim, fit body they see on the television. Throughout women’s lives they are faced with an unrealistic standard of appearance. Pressure to achieve this unrealistic appearance may result in an individual resorting to plastic surgery, handicapped could feel more discouraged than ever, and some people resort to emotional and physical self-harm. Plastic surgery has become increasingly popular over the years. In 2015, Americans spent over twelve billion dollars on these types of enhancements. This is mainly due to the idea that how an individual looks defines the person they are and how they perform tasks. Or that a person is not satisfied with how they originally looked because of the standard that society sets.. When looking at magazines, television shows, or almost anything, most of them feature slender, curvy girls. This applied to Brittany, a coworker of mine. At twenty years old she decided she was unhappy with…show more content…
Take Katie for an example, a young woman with Down’s syndrome. After realizing she did not look like others, all she wanted for Halloween was to dress up as a pretty girl. The unrealistic standard of appearance can make women feel they are not susceptible to society. Individuals are unique and should not have to fear how others see them. Finally, the unrealistic standard of appearance can cause emotional and physical harm, such as stress, eating disorders, and even suicide. Anorexia is a popular eating disorder; people that have this disorder have a distorted body image that causes them to see their selves as overweight. They even see themselves as overweight when they are dangerously thin. This can even lead to starvation and death. Not only do these conditions harm the individuals, they also harm their friends, family, and

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