Unreliable Narrator In Poe's The Cask Of Amontillado

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How does an author’s use of point of view impact the reader’s understanding of plot? Montresor is considered an unreliable narrator. What effect does the unreliable narrator technique in Poe’s Cask of Amontillado have on the reader’s understanding of the story?
Because different points of view have different strengths and weakness, an author’s use of point of view is critical since it determines how the story is conveyed to the reader. The reader can only experience what's happening through the eyes of the character who narrates it. Just like Montresor, the narrator, unfortunately, may also be unreliable in which the reader cannot trust him/her. Because Montresor is an unreliable narrator, the “thousand injuries” he had suffered could may be
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According to the series of events, Montresor clearly had a plan for carrying out the murder of his acquaintance. He first convinced Fortunato to follow him into the catacombs, brought wine with him to cloud his victim’s judgement, and then brought a trowel with him to bury Fortunato alive. The “sign” was a clear give away that Montresor was not acting impulsively.
How might Poe’s personal life have contributed to his fascination with the dark side of human nature in his writing?
With many of his works revealing an interest with the dark side of human nature, Poe’s personal life may have contributed to the morbid, creepy style of writing he commonly uses. A victim of misfortune, Poe encountered many ill-fated events throughout his lifetime (death in his family, troubles with his foster father, and his compulsive gambling to name a few). A writer’s experiences can affect their work, and the same can apply to Poe. Many of the occurrences in his life usually end up in his work. Also, as a child, the author’s absence of loving and nurturing parents and other struggles in his life lead him to drugs and alcohol. While writing these thrillers, it is said that he might have been under the influence, which could explain the dark moods in his
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