Unreliable Narrator In Tell-Tale Heart And The Black Cat

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Edgar Allen Poe writes stories about death, horror and panic, but the story can not develop without the help of an unreliable narrators. An unreliable narrator can’t be trusted and is not credible. In the “Tell Tale Heart” and “The Black Cat” Poe develops unreliable narrators by making their roles have actions, thoughts, and have alcohol and drug use unlike normal people. The actions of the narrators are unreliable throughout the stories. In the “Tell Tale Heart” the narrator kills the man that (who he loved) he worked for. He inequitably killed him because he dislikes the old man’s bad eye. The narrator insists the eye gives him chills and on the eight night of watching him he killed the man. The narrator is unreliable because he is murder and he stores the body under the floor board, and there are other places he could have put it. There is also an unreliable narrator in the story “The Black Cat” he inevitably killed his wife and injured his cat. While his wife was doing the righteous thing the narrator gets mad and kills his wife. The wife and cat did…show more content…
In “The Black Cat” The narrator has hallucinations and hears and see things that aren’t actually there. The narrator sees a wall printed with the cat he hung on it. This truly did not happen he just imagined it. He is not mentally stabled and this could have easily been caused by drugs. He also states that his relationship with his cat got worse and worse as they days went by because of one certain thing. In “The Tell Tale Heart” the narrator has a good relationship with the old man, but he sneaked revenge after the eye, and for possible other reasons. Clearly a stabile person would not kill because of an eye, so he was unstable and most likely using other drugs that made him enable to think properly. The use of alcohol and drugs can affect relationships and unstable people and makes then
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