Unreliable Narrator In The Secret Sharer

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ing such a type of narrative represents a danger, as not always readers do understand that a narrator is not the final voice of truth and authority.Some readers might even confuse the author with the narrator, further deluding themselves. The unreliable author is most present in mystery novels, where their unreliability is often revealed as a part of the final resolution.

Numerous cases of unreliable narrators have been recoreded through history in literature.When speaking about European literature in accordance with the concept of unreliable narrators, there are quite a few present-day works of fiction that fit. However, when talking about unreliable narrators in the theoretical modernist timespan, two representative figures are the authors James Joyce (2 February 1882 – 13 January 1941) and Joseph Conrad (3 December 1857 – 3 August 1924), with their respective pieces of work, ”
Joseph Conrad
Joseph Conrad was
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An episode from the sea" in the Harper Magazine.
The story depicted is loosely-based on Conrad’s experience as a marine offier in the British merchant marine and tells the story of a young and isnecure captain, who is not sure he’ll be able to rule over his men, having joined the ship only a fortnight before.The plot relies around Leggatt, a mysterious man he saves from drowning and hides on the ship, as the latter is wanted for murder. However, the captain believes Legatt’s crime is justified and therefore helps him out. The two men form a strong bond over the course of the story.
The captain’s relationship with Leggatt is one of mutual respect, as they can relate to one another’s situations and life stories, their two being eerily similar. One significant modernist concept that appears in this novella is the stress that’s being put on the feelings, opinions and ideas of the narrator-character, especially in accordance with external
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