Unreliable Narrator In The Yellow Wallpaper

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An unreliable narrator is someone who we as the readers can’t fully trust, usually because of their personality, obvious bias, or in the case of “The Yellow Wallpaper”, a mental illness. Any reason that would cause us to question the validity of a narrator's opinion within the context of the story might be filed under unreliable. We take what these narrators tell us with a grain of salt because we know their view of the world is influenced by something else. The Oxford Dictionary of Literary Terms defines unreliable narrator as “a narrator whose accounts of events appears to be faulty, misleadingly biased, or otherwise distorted, so that it departs from the 'true' understanding of events shared between the reader and the implied author. The discrepancy between the unreliable narrator's view of events and the view that readers suspect to be more accurate creates a sense of irony”.
Our narrator in the notorious short story “The Yellow Wallpaper” is a mother who is prescribed to the
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Most of the time narrators know they aren’t normal, and might even say so themselves. When an author writes from the perspective of an unreliable narrator they usually contradict a previous act, thus making them inconsistent. They may say one thing and do another. I believe that the reason why the narrator in “The Yellow Wallpaper” thinks she is completely normal even though she isn’t is because of her realistic hallucinations, causing her to become somewhat paranoid to the other characters in the story. The other characters do not see what she does. Unreliable narrators are in first person, which of course makes sense because it’s easier to make the deception apparent since you’re in that character’s head. In “The Yellow Wallpaper”, the narration is through a journal she keeps in secret. Thus, allowing her to write down in first person all of the things she is going
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