The Magic Toyshop Analysis

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Both pieces present relationships, but the different contexts due to the time difference between the authors, however a theme they share is of unrequited love as they both posses an ultimate rejection of the relationship. The style with which the authors write include lots of description and they both use the third person perspective, however the impression of the relationship to the reader, the characters, and the writers’ choices of language in the two pieces is different. Angela Carter wrote The Magic Toyshop in 1967 and is a known feminist, her book is used to describe Melanie’s journey growing up in this period and becoming award of herself and her sexuality something Elizabeth Gaskell in 1855 was not exploring with her book though she did write it as a social novel to create an understating of the problems faced to different members of society at the time. The extract from The Magic Toyshop focuses on Melanie’s feelings towards Finn, she feels impatient for him to kiss her repeating ‘Oh, get it over with, get it over with,’ to herself. She is apprehensive of the fact he is going to make a move and the reader is hooked in by knowing ‘he was going to kiss her or try to kiss her’. Yet she's does not have romantic feelings towards him referring to him as “only Finn”, her only motive for letting him kiss her appears in the extract to be…show more content…
He is nervous and fearful of her rejection towards him. He wants to apologise and make known his feelings towards her which are strong and passionate he has to control himself shown by his ‘hasty step’ from which he ‘recovered himself’. He is determined to let her know how he feels and by the end is sure of his feelings he ‘held her hand tight in his’ only to be rejected as Margaret is disgusted by his feelings and finds them highly
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