Unrequited Love: The Importance Of Love

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If society was a person in itself, it would be a criminal. It has deceived human beings into believing that love is suppose to be something that is always beautiful, euphoric and extremely powerful. It pressures individuals into commitment, passion and desire while simultaneously reminding them that an excess of one thing is not good. Make up your mind. As the world knows, love can not simply be defined as a group of words; rather, it is many things that is rooted to deep affection. Love presents itself in different shapes, forms and sizes, but what happens to this endearment when it is one-sided? Unrequited love poisons the character of wholesome individuals by way of minimizing virtues which leads to mental inferiority and supremely results in the detainment of happiness. The sole attribute that every individual seek has the potential to destroy most.…show more content…
Although virtues are character traits of morality, unrequited love presents its victims with painful consequences, loss of identity and the development of negative habits. Over the long haul, love evolves into fear, passion becomes indifference, patience turns into frustration and forgiveness transforms itself into bitterness. These negative practices result in behavioral changes in the person that is withheld of love. Feelings of jealousy erupt in most individuals which ultimately lead to a losing battle because the victim tries too hard to be noticed by the other party. Arguably, a person that has experienced unrequited love loses themselves, their values and every other thing they stand for, in an attempt to love somebody else. Most times, the repercussions include emotional pain and
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