Unresolved Conflict In The Workplace

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Conflict Resolution Conflict is a disagreement or dispute between two or more individuals who have different ideas, feelings, needs, goals, values or beliefs. We all have faced conflict sometime in our lives, especially at work. Conflict is unavoidable in the workplace. According to Ahmed Higazee (2015), conflict is one of the issues that takes place in any organization specially hospitals where continuous human interactions occur. While most of us try to avoid conflict in the workplace, we will face it at some point in our careers and the challenge of it is how we deal with it. The purpose of this essay is to identify an unresolved conflict that I have experienced in my workplace. There are three types of conflict: individual, interpersonal, and intergroup/organizational. The most common type of individual conflict is Role conflict. It occurs in the workplace and is a conflict in role expectation. For example, when a staff member expects another staff member to perform an activity that is not part of the his or her role. By expecting someone to do an activity that he or she is not supposed to do, it creates stress and hostility between staff members. The staff member may feel that he or she is doing an activity that is not responsible for. Another type of conflict is interpersonal conflict. It occurs between two or more people and finally intergroup/organizational conflict which occurs between teams or groups (Finkelman, 2016, pg. 324). The recurring conflict that I
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