Unsanitary Conditions In Hospital Case Study

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Introduction The Unsanitary conditions in hospitals has been increasing in recent years. The common conditions inadequately sterilized equipment, unclean gloves or masks, also insufficiently changed lines, clothing, and drapes. It can lead to a number of serious and even dangerous results for patients, also most commonly, patients contract additional infections. Additionally, unsanitary conditions can to lead to expanded exposure to germs and bacteria, both of which can worsen a patient 's pre existing conditions, require more treatment and longer hospital stay. At Monroe Rehabilitation Center, it has faces unsanitary conditions. “ In fact, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, one out of every 20 patients contracts an infection while seeking health care” (Becker, 2013). Also, possible cause of an unsanitary conditions is: Improperly collected or stored hazardous materials…show more content…
Odds are you wouldn’t have excessively confidence in the healthcare facility or even the staff trying to help you. The problem of unsanitary conditions in hospitals can be reduced. However, it takes time and combined effort on the part of many people. Cleaning is like the only best option to reduce the risk of infection or death of a patient at a hospital. A clean environment promotes healing, but also offers a better place to work for everyone, creating a sense of cooperation. As we are probably aware, when tidying isn’t satisfactory, healthcare staff and patients endure and can even be put in danger. We look at this as a grave worry that isn 't trifled with. That is the reason we built up our work process that will have the hospital sparkling start to finish. The patient’s general fulfillment will increase while you appreciate the hazard lessesoning related with a happy and healthy

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