Unsanitary In Lord Of The Flies

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In The Lord of the Flies, after a diverse group of boys get stranded on an island due to a plane crash, their lives become repetitive and gradually intense. Most days involve bickering about priorities or leadership, teasing one another, and the occasional optimistic comment. Until, Jack Merridew, the head of the choirboys/hunters, sees a piglet, and the actions he takes imply that he realizes that dire circumstances require somewhat intense actions. Even though he reveals his reluctance to kill it for sustenance, the spark of his lack of morality can be detected once he promptly stabs a tree and clarifies that he will not hesitate again when hunting.

Throughout the novel, the boys become undeniably more compassionless towards one another.
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For one, a lot of them do not defecate in the original agreed-upon areas, which is clearly unsanitary. Ralph discusses this issue at a meeting, and a couple of the boys are amused by their own unhygienic lifestyle. Plus, to no fault of their own, they are all incredibly dirty.

Boys named Piggy and Simon offer insightful information and opinions about humanity in a group discussion. Essentially, they both contemplate the idea that they themselves are the savages/the beast. Not to mention, Ralph emphasizes the fact that rules are fundamental to life. Sadly, many of the boys disregard everything they mentioned and run to the beach while laughing. If everyone acknowledged the severity of their predicament, their future could have been improved.

Undoubtedly, humans need food to survive. However, there are various instances when it is evident that most of the boys become consumed by hunting. At one point, Jack bent down to animal feces for no apparent reason, showing his infatuation. Instead of focusing on getting rescued, most of the boys prioritize hunting
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Jack selected a nursing sow, and they brutally stab her multiple times. Subsequently, Jack smears blood on another boy’s cheeks and they all chuckle that a spear went up her backside. They then prepared the meat to cook and impaled the pig’s head with a stick to give to the beast as a present. All of these actions are done with such brutality that could have been avoided. After Simon hallucinates and later discovers that the “beast” is simply a deceased paratrooper, he is slaughtered by his own friends. During a storm, he wanders into a pig-killing reenactment filled with chants and excitement, and the boys ambush him in confusion. His lifeless body floats away, and is never seen again.

Following the murder of SImon, most of the boys are remorseless and this is the final straw regarding the loss of the boy’s civility. If they all had mourned his death, that would be much more acceptable, but many of them became almost unstable and intentionally killed Piggy and almost

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