Unsatisfactory Case Study Essay

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1. To what factors do you attribute the unsatisfactory performance that led to you being required to withdraw or placed on academic suspension?
A number of different factors led to my unsatisfactory performance in my courses. Firstly, being a new immigrant and staying alone for the first time was extremely hard for me because I had no friends or relatives in Canada. Loneliness and sadness were causing me to feel depressed as things were not financially well for my family in India. Secondly, the major factor that lowered my grades was the critical illness of my grandmother Tulsa Devi in India. My grandmother was suffering from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease with moderate depression. The doctors were not sure if she would be able to survive.
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What specific steps have you taken to overcome these areas of difficulty and to ensure that they will not cause you problems in you return?
After my withdrawal, my family decided to move back to Canada to motivate me. After the arrival of my family, I felt more confident and decided to change things in order to overcome challenges in my life. I decided to have a schedule in my life rather than just sitting around and overthinking about the issues. I applied for qualifying English course at Kwantlen to have an academic element in my life which would motivate me to never give up. I have learned to give priority to my education by not allowing any circumstances to impact my career.

Furthermore, I decided to join gym in order to feel self-motivated. I also started to apply for jobs and after a couple of months, I got a job at Winners in Richmond. Even though the store location is far and I do not drive or have a car, I decided to work there to gain experience and have a busy schedule. In addition, I met an academic counsellor at KPU to help me to get back to university. I was advised to retake those courses first, which I failed to improve my GPA. I also attended educational seminars to know tips and tricks regarding studying. Therefore, I have developed an academic strategy to balance difficult courses with easier courses (such as electives) rather than taking all difficult courses in one
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