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Unselds’ School Classroom Observation Report Background of the Unselds’ School The Unselds’ School is a private school, located in Baltimore, Maryland. The school teaches less than one hundred students from the ages of nine months to teenagers in the eighth grade with a faculty of fourteen. The goal of the school is to provide their students with the necessary skills needed to be accepted and potentially awarded scholarships to high schools that are beneficial in furthering the child’s education, as the public high school of the county has a graduation acceptance rate of forty-eight percent. The Unselds’ School has a thematic teaching approach, which means that the curriculum implemented is based around key subjects and concepts. The concepts…show more content…
I observed the teachers demonstrate to the students what they should do by going first. As the relay took place the teachers were encouraging the students by saying “you can do it.” Once the relay race was over the students went back inside and worked on independent work. On one side of the classroom, the kindergarteners were drawing pictures while the first graders were working on a math worksheet. Counting blocks were available to the students to use for this assignment. I observed the teacher walking around the room and working one-on-one with students. On the other side of the classroom, the second graders were working on their social studies lesson and their cursive…show more content…
They said that they liked how they are challenged at the Unselds’ school because they would not have been challenged at the local public school. Involvement of Students Kindergarten to Third Grade During the relay race, the first set of third graders to race did not wait for the teacher to tell them to go, so they had to come back and start again. By not listening to the teacher the first time the students delayed race. Middle School (Sixth to Eight Grade) During the sixth-grade social studies class, I witnessed that when the teacher gave direct instructions to the students they would listen and follow the direction in a timely manner. In addition, the students had well-organized binders which allowed them to find what they were looking for fairly quickly. Since the students demonstrated the desired behaviors asked of them swiftly, they did not take away any class time. The seventh-grade Spanish class, on the other hand, was talking to each other while they were supposed to be independently working on an assignment. By talking to each other, they were distracted and were distracting to others. They also were not focusing on completing the assignment and were falling

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