Unspoken Agreement In Friendship Short Story

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Chapter 4: Unspoken Agreements in Friendship Friendship seems to be the most simple and most unconditional relationship as the expectations are the lowest and the acceptance is more and also devoid of caste,creed or any other biases. Story 1 Two friends Ben and Fred know each other since their college days, though their friendship emerged pretty much after college as they ended up working in the same company. Ben is more of an eccentric kind while Fred shares the same eccentricity but knows how to manage it well, thus they gel really well and end up having good time with each other, as their friendship evolved they started sharing lot of things with each other, Ben would end up spending all his money, while Fred too would enjoy but also be aware about saving and securing his future, Ben started being in debt and Fred would most perpetually help him out, But Ben wouldn’t change his attitude towards money and would end up being in same debt situation almost every month, Now Fred had started getting a little disturbed with Ben’s behavior as he would not have any remorse or even gratitude towards Fred{UA: Don’t take me for granted}and Ben is not even aware of Fred’s feelings as he believes in living in the moment and cannot understand why Fred is acting so aloof lately as Ben feels he can manage his money issues even if Fred doesn’t intervene{UA: Be my friend and not my parent} Story 2 The next story is about a nice group of Housewives staying in suburbs, these

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