Unspoken Communication Rules Essay

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In day to day life, people have a general understanding of topics they will and will not talk about to a complete stranger. Although in some cases, individuals are more than willing to boast their opinion, most people keep their beliefs close to them. There are specific unspoken and unwritten communication rules the American society follows. Primarily, the public believes that one should not discuss religion and politics after just making someone 's acquaintance. These unspoken communication rules are ever present in our conversations. Many avoid discussing religion and politics because they are afraid people will disagree with them. Ultimately however, scary topics are the most important topics to a person 's identity. Unspoken…show more content…
Although parents may be more of a predominate means of morality as opposed to religion, unspoken rules on religion and politics can strongly impact how one will act. Conflict Resolution Professionals Group or CRPG (2012) write the following regarding unwritten communication rules:
Poor latent rules [unwritten rules] cause great barriers in the growth of organizations. What happens for example if an office does not talk about the declining sales? Or a family never talks about money openly or Dad 's diet? These unwritten rules create a rigid system that can hinder the group 's success.
Although the Conflict Resolution Professionals Group is mainly talking about unwritten rules within an organization, they can have the same problem in daily communication. Within a work environment, following these communication rules can "can hinder growth, opportunity, and cause conflict and pain" (CRPG, 2012). Nevertheless, it is important to determine which unspoken rules to follow within an organization or within daily life, because they can be beneficial (CRPG, 2012). Unwritten rules are a problem in one 's personal life when they are followed without considering the implications. When someone ignores his identity or personal beliefs to continue to follow the unspoken rule, he is only
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