Unspoken Rules In High School

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There are unspoken rules when it comes to society and how we are “supposed” to function in certain settings or situations. High school, of course, is no exception, being a somewhat obligated rite of passage in our society as an aid to our educational development. Freshmen year you are pushed to discover what these unwritten rules and normals are, either through trial and error or by getting clued in before time. I experienced a little bit of both over my four years of high school, coming out of it with a better understanding of my high school’s culture.
The first thing I would notice about my high school on my first day would be the number of sports fields that they had only a few feet from the school. Equally, when I went inside and looked at my
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The arts at my school wasn't that badly funded depending on the department, but there still were a lot of shortages in materials. I had multiple art teachers that would actually use their own money to get their class what they needed. Some even fought with the school in order to get better art supplies or equipment that was necessary for the enrichment of our artistic learning. Equally, for theatre, the school didn't give the department that much in their budget for all the plays and musicals that they do in a school year. Instead, mostly all of their budget came through donations from other families, silent auctions, and ticket sales. Similarly, my friends that were in band would tell me how old, rusted, and damaged a lot of their instruments were, and how they had complained to the band director about it, but all he could say was that there just wasn't enough money to buy everyone new instruments. Truly the divide between funding for sports compared to the arts was felt greatly, really mirroring the feelings on which was more valuable at our
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