Unstable Angina Case Study

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Jack is 65 years old and is a police officer who suffers with unstable angina; this is where pain occurs in the chest which feels dull, heavy or tight which can spread across the body in places like your: left arm, jaw, neck or back. This is normally trigged by physical activity or stress which normally lasts a few minutes. This is called an angina attack. Angina attacks are more unpredictable, occurring with no obvious trigger and continuing even though the person may be resting. Some people develop unstable angina after previously having stable angina, while others experience unstable angina with no history of having angina before. This will affect David physically because of the symptoms occurring to him such as: breathlessness and feeling sick. Emotionally this will make feel restless and make him tired. This will affect David socially because he will not be able to participate in overwhelming activates causing him to move around a lot which may trigger the angina attacks. Intellectually this…show more content…
This affects David a lot, especially his health because one need to exercise to keep healthy and he cannot do this again because of his conditions which gives him an disadvantage and makes him slip into the unhealthy category because of this. This is also a disadvantage to him because this does not secure David a stable employment because of his condition which means that he could be let go at any stage because of his health. Which means when he let go he might not be able to support for himself. And this will also affect him to get another job because of his condition which is fatal to him or which could affect the business he could potentially apply
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