Untouchability: Satanic Curse In Indian Society

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Untouchability – Satanic curse on society
Untouchability is one of dangerous evils existing in our society. We are in 21st century but the condition of untouchable in Indian society is still a matter of concern. Form ancient time they are being treated worse than animals by the hand of upper caste society. Although the Government has banned the caste discrimination since 1950 but the plight of untouchables is still a matter of concern. The emergence of so many regional political parties in India has only magnified this problem. They have made the untouchables and other castes occupying the lower hierarchy in the society a political tool through which they construct their own identities.
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For this my primary source was these two novels and also I explored articles on internet and others writers books based on caste discrimination. Both the writers depicted the poor condition of untouchables in the indian society very incredibly which can bring tears in the eyes of any reader. It is really unbelievable and sad that in country like india where animals are treated as god, humans are going through such poor life just because they belong to lower castes.
Before I go through the novels I would like to take a look on origin of caste in Hindu society of India. There are many religious theories related to it. One of them which is very famous is claims that the Varnas were created from the body organs of Brahma, who is the creator of the world. Presently, there are about 3,000 castes and 25,000 subcastes in India. These different castes fall under four basic varnas:
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And naturally because of their parents’ occupations children taking birth in lower class became victim of untouchablity and children of upper class gained upper hand in the society irrespective of their talent and caliber. And sadly this system is still continuing today even though we are getting more educative and modern. Today also sitting eating touching talking or having any kind of contact with lower caste is seen as sin. It is a common thought of society that if they keep any contact with lower caste they will become impure. And if anyone tries to cross this boundary then he or she is seen as sinner and irreligious. . Dr. Ambedkar has once said about

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