Untouchable And Dalit Women In India

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Untouchable or Dalit are forbidden to participate in society. They are divided from Hindu society. This problem is deeply rooted in society. The government of India has taken measures to solve these problem for improve their life of low caste. However, there are some groups to be resolving from this problem. So they have to face difficulties in the countryside and stringent tradition (Majid, 2014). Thind and Agarwal (n.d.) stated that Dalit women in India are suffering difficulties in their life. They also had limited opportunities and social activities. The high caste often takes advantage from low caste. So Dalit women not only face with poor and no educated. In addition, the caste system is classification of people and the caste system has made women and men are not equal (cited in Mahey, n.d.). According to Menusmriti (as cited in Mahey, n.d.), Dalit woman don’t have right to educate and wealth in society. As Anita Katyar said : Physical violence is not the only form of violence women in India face. In rural parts, women, especially those who belong to the Dalit community, are often denied land rights, and their children, especially girls, bear the brunt of this discrimination. They are denied proper schooling and health facilities (“Violent against women,” n.d.). Dalit women are rejected from land right. They have to face the worst from caste system. For example, girls do not get an education and provided health care. Furthermore, Agarwal and Manusmitri (cited in

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