Untrained Empath Summary

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Chapter 2: The Pitfalls of an Untrained Empath

An untrained empath may feel discomfort in reading this. Yet, it is significant that he realizes his limitations, especially when it involves emotions like fear, deep sadness, intense rate, and deep passion. As an empath, he must understand where he draws the line for his own sanity. Furthermore, he must realize the limitations that hinder his desire to help other people. At times, he may decide not to cross the boundaries. At some other times, he decides to push ahead. By knowing the difference, it becomes the turning point to either keep oneself whole or help other people.

In some instances, an untrained empath wants to help and focus on an individual. Yet, he ends up running away from this
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In particular, he is sensitive to unhappiness, depression, conflict, and anger. He internalizes these imbalanced emotions and energies. Furthermore, he worries with pain in relationships. Therefore, he becomes angry and irritated easily. Yet, he also tries to control these emotions. If these emotions and energies persist, he turns to substance abuse to cope. He may also tend to alcohol and food abuse.

For instance, an untrained empath can feel worse after talking to a person about the latter’s emotional pains. This person will feel better after the conversation. Yet, the untrained empath experiences intense emotions without knowing where they are coming from. Then, he learns later that a loved one is experiencing the same thing too. In a room full of people, an untrained empath experiences an extreme change from one emotion to the next. However, he calms down when he is by himself.

An untrained empath may find it difficult to concentrate when he is around other people because of the various emotions he is feeling. He cannot let go of other people because he feels responsible for them. Oftentimes, he takes things seriously, although he desires not to. Furthermore, he acts out of character when he is around particular persons. Yet, he can easily revert to himself without them. Furthermore, an untrained empath acts and feels drunk if he is around drunken people, even though he has not drank
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