Unusual Birds In Harry Potter

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Unusual bird that inspired the creators of Harry Potter Animals can be very inspiring. Some of them were the inspiration for the cartoon creation, while others have served as the basis for creating some more serious film attempt. One of them served to the creators of the famous series about Harry Potter. The lonely nests If you ever see a nest of a bird called Shoebill stork, be sure you will not find the same one nearby, so take the opportunity to look over this fantastic structure. These birds build floating nests, which have a range of 3-6 feet and are truly something that is a privilege to see. New birth - immeasurable happiness When is the nest, which can withstand even a man, new life comes into the world, we can only watch tender and…show more content…
Only when you see it next to the man, you realize how huge she really…show more content…
Whether they 're used to the conditions in which they live or they still know what friendship means? We may be able to figure this out from the next image. Protecting friends One Shoebill stork from Wild Animal Park in San Diego showed that smaller birds are not always only a delicious meal for her, but may also be considered friends. One visitor was able to take a picture of the situation when a big stork took a duck with her large beak, raised her up and moved from the way. This giant bird just leaned the duck to the side and passed on. Do these birds really know how to make a difference between friends and enemies? The fight is real Although they are mostly peaceful birds, sometimes they are really crazy. It is particularly interesting to watch a fight between the two storks, but only if you are not too close. At such moments it is clear that Shoebill storks are not always well-meaning birds. Do they fly? Maybe these birds seem too large to be able to fly. However, their wings are big enough and strong that can carry the burden of their weight from 8-15.5 lbs. Their wing span can even reach up to 260 cm, while their favorite places to live in the wild are wetlands in the African countries. The natural habitat is the best
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